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Derrick Rose Workout Secrets Revealed

Derrick Rose - Chicago Bulls Point Guard

Derrick Rose grew up in Chicago where he was always viewed as the king of the court. He boasts incredible upper body strength and a ridiculous 40" vertical that make him practically impossible to stop in the open court.

Derrick went to Beasley Academic Center as a kid. He first started making a name for himself when he played high school ball for Simeon Career Academy. After graduation, Rose joined the Memphis Tigers and, in his first year, led the team to the finals where they came up short against Kansas. Following his rookie season, Rose chose to make his way to the NBA and was chosen first overall by the Chicago Bulls.

Rose continues to turn heads in the NBA. He has an upper body that many guards in the league would love to have. It takes more than just talent to make it in the NBA. Rose understands that it takes hard work and dedication to his training to be at the top of his game.

Derrick Rose Workout

There is no doubt that Derrick Rose is one of the most athletic guards in the league. It looks like the guy can fly. But there's more to Derrick than just his vertical leap.

A few years ago, Rose attended the NIKE Boys Elite Skills Academy where his physical abilities were put to the test against some of the nation's best high school ballers. The players were put through specific drills to analyze their SPARQ Rating - Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction and Quickness.

Rose finished second with a 84.10 SPARQ Rating, right behind Brandan Wright. Derrick finished top five in four of the five testing categories. Rose had the fastest 20 metre dash - he finished it in 2.65 second! Also, he had the longest power ball throw - 69 feet! Unsurprisingly, Rose finished with the highest one-step vertical leap, measuring in at 39in!

Rose is an athletic freak. He has many things going for him. But Derrick doesn't take what he has for granted. He works hard throughout the season and even harder off-season.

When Rose was asked how important it was for him to remain active throughout and after the season, he said:

"It is very important to me to maintain a consistent workout regimen during the season. The Bulls staff does a great job with providing me with a weekly workout and these kept me energized throughout my rookie season. In the off season, I try to increase my strength and add new dimensions to my game. This allows me to stay healthy and improve even when I am not playing in games."

To improve his speed, quickness and overall agility, Rose works a lot with agility ladders. Rose performs various variations of the ladder exercise, performing each 6 times and ending each with a full-out sprint to include acceleration.To maintain his ridiculous vertical jump, Rose does a lot of leg exercises - both single and double leg. One-legged squats are his main focus as this exercise helps him strengthen not just the muscles, but the surrounding ligaments and tendons - this supplies support for his knees. He doesn't shy away from leg presses and squats, exercises that help him build and maintain a strong lower body.

In the offseason, Rose works out in the gym six times a week for 90 minutes in the morning and 60 minutes in the evening. He looks to be as efficient as he can.

"It's not how long you're there," McClanaghan, Rose's trainer, said of workouts. "It's what you do when you're there. The morning is much more intense. We try not to stop (moving) in the morning." Strength training in the weight room starts in a week or two, three to four days a week, two hours per session."

Rose loves to combine cardiovascular training and ball handling drills to simulate game situations where he's required to handle the ball under pressure and fatigue.In a single workout, Rose averages roughly 400 shots. His trainer helps him work on his lateral movment, ball handling, creating shots off on various dribbles and reading ball screens.

Rose doesn't want to waste time. He does each exercise and each repetition at 100%.

"They get tired and sore like anyone else," McClanaghan said, "but they push through it every time. They might be a little slower one day because they're sore, but they still go as hard as they can."

Derrick Rose Diet

For Rose, eating right is not a chore, it's a lifestyle. Derrick finds that maintaining a healthy lifestyle (aside from basketball) helps him think more clearly and perform better mentally.

He likes to keep his meals before a game consistent. He loves his grilled chicken with rice or pasta. When the game is done, he likes his turkey sandwich.

Rose understands that his overall performance is affected by what he puts into his body. To perform at the maximum level, Rose likes to keep things simple. For a source of long-term energy, he will not go away from his pasta and rice. Rose is a huge fan of milk, sports drinks, water and juice.

But even Rose has a sweet tooth. His remedy? Candy!

Consistent and healthy eating habits help Rose perform at his maximum level both on and off the court. He states that he is able to sleep more easily at night due to his healthy eating habits.

In summary, It's not hard to see why Derrick Rose is at the top of his game. He complements his gifted athleticism with a ridiculous work ethic and healthy lifestyle to push him past the competition. I can't wait to watch him in the upcoming NBA season!
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